3 Reasons to Engage Us Prior To Your Next Satellite Media Tour

by Jeremy Juhasz | November 20, 2018

Satellite Media Tour


We’ve visited many and talked to numerous PR agency vice presidents, account supervisors, account executives and the like to understand their pain points when it comes to selling their clients on broadcast PR tactics like satellite media tours. There’s either a budget limitation or a client who’s new and doesn’t understand the potential ROI of a customized satellite media tour. Other agencies have told us they have an internal broadcast team already. But what exactly does that mean? And can those internal teams still receive assistance from the outside? Absolutely. Public relations teams can rely on strategic teams from internal and external roles

More often than not, internal broadcast teams understand the basic tactics, but wouldn’t you want to at least investigate a media company who specializes in this elaborate tactic? Think of it this way. I understand how to pour concrete because my dad taught me. He is a contractor. I have some confidence in myself to install a driveway. No problem, right? However, this isn’t a project I do all the time. Think of a satellite tour as this elaborate, yet sparse opportunity to make a major improvement to your client promotions. As confident as I am in pouring and finishing a concrete driveway, I’m not going to attempt this by myself. So much has changed in the concrete industry -- both in the material itself and the tools required to complete the job – that if I did attempt to pour concrete, I would compromise quality.


This concept holds true for many of you. We understand the nuances of the tactic, the subtleties and so we are here to offer a hand. We want your client not only to drive on their new driveway, but to also sit back, admire it and receive compliments from it. Before tasking the internal broadcast team with an SMT, there are three reasons to reach out to us first.

brainstorm.jpg1.) Free Customized Solution BrainstormingWe prefer to work backward with you when projects are brought to our attention. Because we understand the complexities of each activation, we want to view all of its components in order to provide your team with the best ideas. Unsure if you need outside help? Come to us and we’ll provide you the ideation component you’re looking for on the front end. Promoting the broadcast tactic is in our best interest. If not for the short term, we hope you appreciate our advice and want us more involved the next time around.

2.) Assistance from Ideation to Execution – A lot of agency personnel ask what, during the process, can we do. Some agencies give us the keys to the car. Others are more involved. No matter where you are during the process, bring us in. It’s never too late. Need more media? We can do that. Need a crew to execute the tour on location, but already booked the media? We can work with you on that as well. Internally, things crop up and you may find yourself against the clock or not as strong in a certain area of the tactic. No fret, because that’s why we’re here.

3.) Honest Counsel – We run through all of our potential tours through the 3T filter. Talent by far is the No. 1 criterion to determine an SMT’s capabilities, followed by topic and timing. If you have an internal spokesperson as opposed to a celebrity, we’ll tell you what we expect to realistically garner from the topic and timing. Since KEF Media is comprised of ex-media personnel, we know what will and what will not resonate with the media.

Another broadcast tactic such as B-Roll and bites are a perfect boom or bust example. Employ our help if you believe you have measureables that meet viral video standard.

Regardless of your media tour specifics or in what stage of the process you are, internal broadcast teams should lean on us for input. When projects of this magnitude have the opportunity to give your promotion a big-time boost, don't settle.

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