3 Social Media Changes Possibly Impacting PR Pros

by Jeremy Juhasz | December 13, 2018

Social Media


The past 10-to-12 days produced several big announcements that caught our attention and deserved a recap in case you missed the news. 


Twitter_logo_blue.pngFirst, it's been reported that Twitter is expected to stop counting photos and links as part of its character limit, giving all marketers and PR pros that much more opportunity for messaging.

The social media company will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its 140-character limit for messages, according to a person familiar with the matter. Links currently take up 23 characters, even after Twitter automatically shortens them. 

See the full story here


facebook-logo-png-transparent-background.pngSecondly, the 'dynamic ads' populating Facebook will soon be available to Instagram marketers and users. Dynamic Ads work by accessing products from an advertiser’s site that a consumer has either clicked on or saved to a shopping cart. From this data, it automates a specialized ad to fit the viewer.

Since their debut in February, Facebook’s "Dynamic Ads," which show consumers products they’ve expressed interest in, have garnered a ton of interest from brands, displaying a total of 2.5 billion products. The social network is extending Dynamic Ads to Instagram and adding features tailored to the travel industry, hoping it will give advertisers more opportunities to convert customers on mobile devices.

See the full story here.  


Instagram-v051916.pngLastly, and largely cosmetic, Instagram updated its logo, providing plenty of water-cooler discussion. We believe this change put the focus of the discussion back on branding. As simplisitic as it may seem, marketing and PR negative nancies of the new design should at least recognize the time invested in the process. As Instagram noted, their quest for a new design began more than a year ago. Whether you like it or not, they had a purpose.

Instagram's new design swaps the Polaroid-inspired camera with rainbow accent for a brighter, more minimalist look. (Update: Of course everyone is already freaking out about this.) Layout, Hyperlapse and Boomerang get the same treatment, though those newer apps — most of which debuted years later — already brandished more modern design. 

See the full story here.  

We bring these latest social media changes to the forefront as a reminder to stay on top of the latest social trends. It's important because when at media tours you should capture all of the digital assets you can. This way you can choose to amplify your message as part of the tour's campaign. If that's not part of the strategy, don't forget, you can repurpose content at a later time, which we've preached before

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