5 Spring Travel Tips For Your Next Satellite Media Tour

by Linda Buckley | November 20, 2018

Satellite Media Tour


Vancouver, BCSpring has sprung and travel marketers are in full swing to not only get heads in beds, but to attract those critical day trippers as well. But how do you pique attention during peak season when there is so much noise in the room?

Broadcast PR tactics are made to order for destinations and attractions. If seeing is believing and a picture is worth a thousand words, then, says legendary director Barry Levinson, video is worth a million.

Moving visuals bring to life the hottest tourist attractions, sumptuous restaurants, lavish resorts, pristine beaches and soul-nourishing spas, influencing potential customers to book the vacation of their dreams.

With many consumer spring travel tips in the news now, we ask what are the most effective broadcast tactics to reach those customers?

Satellite Media Tour is a great vehicle to literally bring your destination or brand to life. For the most effective SMT, consider these tips:

  1. A vibrant location and a charismatic talent can convince viewers that that they too could be lounging on the beach or riding the newest coaster in no time flat. Broadcasting a travel story from a studio is an immediate disconnect…if the brand is so great, why is the talent thousands of miles away in a studio?
  2. Two cameras amplify your message, capturing the ambience that surrounds the talent. It’s a small investment, but increases the visual integrity of the interview.
  3. Fridays are great SMT days for travel tours. News producers love the topic as the weekend approaches, and your story may get additional airings over the weekend.
  4. Consider commissioning a survey to increase newsworthiness. Your attraction may be great, but a survey can help it stand out by providing other key consumer friendly information.
  5. Think outside of the traditional topics like number of beds, the biggest, the best, the tallest, the fastest, the bluest water and the most glorious beaches. Incorporate technology tips to help travelers get the most out of their budget. Broadening your story to offer helpful hints to consumers strengthens your message.



Get 16 SMT Tips For 2016 


Tight budget?

Finally, since not everyone has larger budgets necessary to underwrite an SMT, there are new and exciting tactics for smaller brands that can micro-target your critical feeder markets.MIAMLogo.png

Our Guaranteed Market Tour reaches your demographic and target audience. Using your existing video footage, we create a one-minute edited package we call More…In A Minutewhich is placed in markets of your choice. And your message also carries a critical call to action, inspiring customers to learn more at your web site.

The bottom line with a GMT is it focuses ONLY on your brand and airs ONLY where it matters most to you.

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