5 Ways You Can Deliver the Eyeballs

by Kevin Foley | October 17, 2018

Public Relations


As a public relations agency account manager, I took over a beer client many years ago. As it happens, my client contact back then was also new.

When we met for the first time, the client told me my predecessor had done a good job generating print media coverage for the various brands, “but our brand manager told me we haven’t seen much television publicity and that’s where we spend the vast majority of our advertising dollars.”

That made a lot of sense to me then and it still makes sense today. While digital media no doubt plays a big role in today’s marketing plans, television remains a key communications medium for many clients.

That beer client does a lot of digital today. But guess what? Their TV spots still saturate programming skewing their target demographic. I’m sure whoever runs that beer account today is frequently asked about television publicity.

That conversation with the client three decades ago eventually led me to founding KEF Media. While many things have changed, much remains the same. Advertisers spend nearly $200 billion a year on television commercials and many of them might be wondering if their PR results reflect that commitment to television. Here are five ways you can deliver the eyeballs:

image1[2].jpg1.) Behind-the-scenes – Is your client shooting a commercial? Is it clever enough that consumers might like to know how it was produced? If so, get a camera behind-the-scenes at the shoot like we did for an athletic shoe store chain that signed Tracy Morgan as its spokesperson for the spot. Great spontaneous video plus clever sound bites equal big time TV coverage.

2.) Events – Events offer a newsworthy backdrop for any client’s story. It can be anything from the media event you’re staging to roll out a new product to a big sports or entertainment event to a festival. TV media want good visuals and events provide them.

3.) Celebrities – Advertising agencies often sign movie and TV stars, major sports celebrities, or recording artists and forget all about publicity. Don’t let them. In addition to the commercials or other ads the celebrity will do for your client, there is a vast array of publicity opportunities provided it’s written into the contract.

4.) Conventions – Business television producers love industry trends and conventions and conferences are where they are usually found. Position your client as an industry thought leader with that convention or conference in the background then put the video you shoot in the hands of television business or technology producers.

5.) Innovations – Breakthrough products and services frequently generate tremendous television news interest. Be prepared to tell the media how this innovation is a game changer with data, surveys, side-by-side comparisons, and so on.

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