6 Ways to Pimp My Satellite Media Tour Set


When staging a satellite media tour, you’ve got to think outside of the monitor. We often see our competition going through the motions, simply switching out logos on a screen behind the talent and doing as little as possible to make what they’re offering as visually attractive as possible. They don’t seem to understand what business they’re in!

“Vision” is part of the word television. TV producers are looking for visual stories not talking heads. Your goal is to get people to say, “Hey, Honey, take a look at this!” not “Hey, Honey, where’s the remote?”

That’s where your interests intersect with the TV producer’s: keep the viewer’s hand off the remote!

Here are some ways of how we do that:

1.) Nothing beats the great outdoors. Transport viewers to another city and climate for a few moments. Whenever possible, get outside and give Omaha a taste of what Miami (or Yellowstone National Park) looks like this morning!

nationalpark.jpeg rio2016.jpg

2.) Create dimension. For example if it’s a fashion client, use live models. Mannequins and varying table heights can also add visual interest to an otherwise flat set. 

fashion.jpeg fashionset.png

3.) Have a pet topic? Everyone stops to look at cute pups and kitties. Pets bring their own set of challenges, but that’s a topic for another day!

petset.jpg pettour.png

4.) Clean and simple sets make use of strategic props and color. Talking about a classroom, create a classroom!

boxtopstour.jpg schoolset.jpg 

5.) If the topic is home safety, then stage your SMT (ready?) in a home! Don’t just spread whatever product on a table in front of the spokesperson. Here is a ‘bedroom’ created in a breakfast nook so we could easily get both a kitchen and bedroom in a one-camera shoot.


6.) Finally, monitor sets or logos in a frame need to have their place. With big celebrities or hard news topics, you don’t need much else. But don’t let that be your go-to for all sets. Get creative!

onsetSMT.png selenagomez-lyrics.png

For any broadcast tactic, especially media tours that require a dynamic visual set, it's important to understand the fundamentals of each so you're prepared for any situation. Familiarize yourself with the options to best understand your activation plans. Learn more on: Satellite Media Tours | Radio Media Tours | Co-Op Media Tours


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