Co-Op Media Tours: The Good, The Bad and The Solution

by Kevin Foley | February 17, 2016 |

Co-Op Media Tours


co-op-media-tour-kef-mediaWe’ve been watching demand for co-op media tours grow in recent years, and for good reason. They are relatively low cost and effective at reaching broadcast and digital audiences.

At the same time, we’ve seen the number of co-op partners packed into individual tours grow to three, four, five and sometimes even six partners. The reason for this is simple. The more partners crammed into a co-op SMT, the more money the co-op producer makes.

But that equation equals problems for you and your clients.

Over the course of a 2- or 3-minute interview, it is difficult, if not impossible to deliver relevant messaging for each and every partner represented. In addition, many times the partners have only the scantest connection to each other and, often, the co-op’s theme. Again, that’s good for the co-op producer but not your client.

We recently saw a co-op SMT somebody produced with a “big game” theme featuring a former NFL player. There were five partners featured, none of which had much to do with the other or, more importantly, the big game.

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Thus, the spokesperson was stuck trying to connect all the disparate dots. The messaging was splintered, lacked cohesiveness, and was probably lost on viewers. I doubt there were any earned media placements, either, because news producers will quickly pull the plug on these overly-commercial mash-ups. If fact, that particular station no longer takes satellite media tours because of this specific interview. The only winner was whoever produced that tour.

Poor production values are another big problem. In their haste to make a profit, along with too many partners, many co-op media tour vendors are staging tours in studios or on a non-descript “cozy corner” sets because that’s easier and cheaper than coming up with creative staging.


But, with all of its problems, there is still a need for co-ops. We, here at KEF Media, have come up with a solution to better serve both your client’s budget and their message. Here is what we are recommending for a two-partner maximum co-op media tour and why:

  1. Two partners mean more focus on your client’s messaging, plus the interview now has time to include some non-commercial tips and other info adding news value to the segment.
  2. Make sure the co-op’s theme and partners clearly connect.
  3. Stage your co-op in a setting that relates to the theme and the partners.
  4. Your spokesperson should be telegenic and experienced in the nuances of TV presentations. Again, two partners means less struggle for your talent to weave in multiple messages.

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Too many co-op vendors today place their own interests ahead of what’s best for you and your client. We think that is shortsighted and, frankly, a good way to lose repeat business.

We’re interested in long term relationships so you’ll come back.

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