Diagnose Your Broadcast PR Campaign with Surgical Precision

by Yvonne Goforth-Hanak | November 20, 2018

Broadcast PR


When you’re planning broadcast and/or digital tactics for your client, it’s best to rely on the experts. Consider the family doctor who has a general understanding of how to remedy illnesses. However, they may not have the expertise to treat specific ailments, so they’ll refer you to a specialist who can.

We know there are plenty of one-size-fits-all “general practitioners” out there, but we are your broadcast and digital specialists, best equipped to deliver the Rx you need: audience reach. Here’s why: we’ve done it for 30 years, and we’re the only firm owned by a former public relations agency account manager.

We feel your pain!

Having a specialist in early on your planning can help you and your team focus on the bigger picture while we get busy on broadcast and digital media outreach. As you plan your 2017 campaigns, our specialized expertise can help you find the right prescription:

1.) Scalpel or Scope?

We will help you determine the best tactic(s) for success much like an MD chooses the right treatment. Is it an SMT, RMT, Integrated Tour, Customized Media Day, Shared Media Day, or another proven tactic? What’s the best approach to a multi-tiered project stretched over several weeks/months? And as always, customizing each of these tactics is an option, making the planning on the front-end critical.

2.) What does the premium cover?

We have this much to spend, what can you do for me? We hear it all the time. Our advice is to determine what is realistic and will it deliver on your client’s expectations. This is why we have former TV, radio and web producers on our staff. They’ve been there, done that and will give you the straight story on what will and won’t work.

KEF-Media-Production.png3.) Positive Outcomes

We have our ears to the ground on the latest national news stories and what’s coming over the horizon just as doctors continue to follow medical trends. It’s critical to know what’s coming to successfully deliver results that matter. Remember, timing is everything!

 4.) Multiple Cures

What will interest a TV, radio or web producer? They’re all different with their own interests and priorities, so your pitch should be fluid, offering the core of what your client wishes to communicate but also various options for the producer to pursue. In the same way one cure isn’t for every patient, one pitch won’t appeal to every producer.

Our team at KEF Media will always follow your direction, but consulting with us from the start helps insure compelling results.

Receive A Thorough Diagnosis For Your Next Broadcast Campaign

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