Honeymoon’s Over: Time for Results That Matter

by Kevin Foley | November 20, 2018

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62097636_thumbnail.jpgGreat, you won that big account! Now, how long will the honeymoon last before that new client starts wondering when your team will get results?

As an account manager many years ago at two major PR agencies, I learned the clock started ticking the moment the client signed the contract for services. And the faster I delivered, the quicker I earned the client’s trust and the more money the client was willing to spend with my agency.

One of the best compliments a PR agency client of ours paid us was to say KEF Media is “an agency’s agency.”

We understand the agency dynamic, why it is a client hired you and your firm and what you need to do to keep that client happy and grow the account. We also know how hard it can be to win business and how easy it is to lose it, too, so we take our responsibilities very seriously when we partner with PR agencies like yours.

image001.jpg.jpegIn the last two years, we have created a portfolio of integrated broadcast and digital publicity services that transcend the typical offerings of our competitors, who seem to be only interested in whatever you can toss their way today and then deliver questionable if not fraudulent results.

Rather than merely producing a satellite media tour, for example, we take the opportunity to create meaningful content that can be shared across multiple media platforms, including television, radio, web sites, blogs, and print.

That’s how we turbocharge media results, delivering millions of verifiable impressions that your client will find pleasantly astounding.

One of our small PR firm clients caught a tiger by the table when it landed the business of a Fortune 500 client. The agency needed solid results and fast. We put our integrated plan to work for the agency’s account team and delivered broadcast and digital coverage in the top 25 markets as well as Yahoo News and CNBC. Now that firm isn’t so small anymore.Tell Me More About Integrated Solutions 

In the same way your agency looks for long term client relationships, we seek long term partnerships with agencies like yours, reasoning that if we help you grow your business and win new accounts, you’ll hire us again and you’ll tell your colleagues about us. That’s the kind of organic growth that’s helped us become a 30-year-old industry leader. 

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