How the Political Season Impacts Your Satellite Media Tour

by KEF Media | November 20, 2018

Satellite Media Tour


Unprecedented. Unpredictable. Unbelievable.

This are words frequently used to describe the 2016 election. Simply labeling it “unusual” doesn’t do it justice.

Earlier this year, we wrote Trump May Be Costing You Live Media Tour Interviews to prepare you for what could happen during your satellite media tour in the primary season. While everything in that post article holds true for the general election, there are additional factors to consider when planning an SMT or media event ahead of Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th

1. Be Aware of Debate Dates: The debates are must watch/cover/comment events for the media. As a former talk show host, including years in Washington, D.C., I used to “nerd out” for debate parties. Presidential debates are topic 1A leading up to each event and afterwards. For you sports fans, almost think of each debate as playoff games on the way to the championship. When planning your SMT, consider scheduling around these dates because it will impact bookings morning of and after a debate. This is especially true if your client is trying to score a national TV hit during a tour.

debatepresidential.jpg2. Purple State Pricing: More agencies and brands are embracing the PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) media tour options when their only talent option is an internal spokesperson. Election season in battleground states means higher revenues with political ad buys. Adding to the “unusual” label for 2016, more states are purple (blue/red mix) than in previous general elections including Georgia. Prices for paid integrations are higher in states up for grabs. If you are planning an integrated media tactic (especially with “More…In a Minute”) and your target markets are in purple states, please prepare to adjust your budget (or expectations) accordingly. Also ask for guidance. We’re always available for no-obligation honest counsel.

3. Beholden to Breaking News: As this election season has already shown, surprise gaffs, scandals and who knows what else can take over the news cycle. Expect (and hope) for taped interviews. “Live to tape” segments minimize the chances of a major breaking news story bumping interviews and the resulting coverage. Also, allow more time for stories to run on the air and online. Breaking news is always a factor for satellite media tours and should never keep you from utilizing the tactic. Just keep in mind what could transpire and partner with an SMT vendor agile enough for the task.

4. Why Partner with KEF MediaWith these unprecedented times in the political landscape, it is even more paramount to partner with a company that has a pulse on the media. More than our strategy-driven team, we have come across similar hurdles in the news cycle before and can provide honest counsel to secure media coverage to meet your goals.  

Best of luck with all of your media programs and PR activations from now until Wednesday, November 9th. Expect detours and bumps in the road as you drive clients to success. Along the way, the election could even present golden PR opportunities.

One thing we know for certain about the 2016 Election? “Unforgettable” is how we’ll eventually label it.

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