Making the Playoff: Broadcast PR Wins and College Football

by Tony Cordaro | October 17, 2018

Public Relations


College football fans gather each Tuesday this time of year to see who is in and who is out of the college football playoff. Did your team win? Did they win enough? Do they have what it takes to earn one of the top ranks in the country? The ultimate goal: solidify yourself as one of four teams who get a shot at a national championship.

So you might wonder, what does this have to do with PR? Well, as you plan your broadcast PR campaigns, your goal is to impress producers much like college football teams try to impress the College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

In essence, are you taking a hard look at your ideas to see if they are championship caliber?

Here are three resume builders you should earmark when considering potential broadcast PR campaigns.

1. Total Wins

A college football team knows to have a shot at the title you can not afford to lose more than one game in a season. What is the record of your broadcast PR program? Does it win on many levels? Does your program impact a mass audience? Does it have a charitable contribution to it? Does the contest you offer have a truly unique grand prize at the end? If you are answering yes, then your record puts you in the conversation. Another way to guarantee wins is by customizing your approach. Like many top-tier college football programs, they make adjustments from game-to-game and even alter in-game strategies. This customized flexibility among and within tactics is crucial in tallying as many wins as possible for your client. clemson.jpgPhoto by Jason A. Greer via Flickr

2. Style Points

For some college football programs, wins simply aren’t enough. Wins sometimes need to look impressive. If you beat a team 14-10, that’s adequate, but beat them 49-7 and you have style points! What are the style points for your PR program? Are you looking at top-tier talent, someone the media really wants to talk to or are you looking at an in-house spokesperson that isn’t known too much outside the industry?

Either choice could produce those style points you’re looking for, but selection of your spokesperson can provide the campaign a distinct edge over the other guys. And those style points help sell producers, providing you more airtime for your campaign.

3. Passing the Eye Test

This is a tough one. In the college football world it means are you worthy of being a national title contender. Do you look the part? Several factors go into that equation, including strength of schedule, the number of quality wins versus ranked opponents, head-to-head matchups and conference championships. Also, does your team play an exciting brand of football or are they methodical and barely scrapping past opponents en route to victory?

Build your PR campaigns similarly to how perennial winning football programs build their teams and game plans. Double check to make sure you have wow factors like perhaps a great contest, definitely solidify the right spokesperson and make sure to execute your tactic at the right time. Look at your program from a producer’s point of view. Would they consider this a championship caliber resume?

At the end of the day, think of your best case made to producers as the equivalent of college football teams pitching the NCAA playoff committee. Will you rank in the top four and get your shot at a title, or are you missing a few items? (As a guide for Satellite Media Tours, it's a good rule of thumb to make sure you check all the boxes of the 3T filter.)

Finally, if you have done everything in your power to make a good case, chances are less likely you'll get snubbed delivering eye-popping results for your clients. 

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