Optimizing Celebrity Spokespersons Beyond Your Satellite Media Tour

Optimizing Satellite Media Tour Spokesperson

Celebrities – TV and movie stars, recording artists, bestselling authors, famous athletes - often garner national media coverage in the coveted major media markets. But beyond a satellite media tour, are you maximizing the value of that celebrity?

Celebrity publicity appearance contracts generally call for eight hours. We’ve found that many agencies fail to optimize all of that allotted time, using just four or five hours for media activities and missing out on millions of additional impressions.

Here are steps to maximize the ROI with your celebrity spokesperson:

Jenny McCarthy - Media Tour1. Determine your overall goals

  • Audience reach?
  • Target markets?
  • TV only or all media, (radio, digital, print)?
  • Where will media activities take place?

With those answers you’re ready to start negotiations.

2. Be careful with contract language

  • Eight hours should not include hair and make-up. Glam time can eat up two or three hours for some celebrities.
  • Spell out the media you intend to target during the eight hours including network television and radio programs, web sites, bloggers, newspapers and magazines and so on.
  • Social media can add tens of thousands of dollars to fees depending on the number of followers the celebrity has. So, be specific about what you ask for. This can be as simple as a picture of the celeb on set doing interviews with one line about what they are doing and where to go for more information. You can then forward it to your brand’s followers.
  • Social media engagement with media personalities during the day of the project can be as simple as the reporter tweeting the celeb prior to the interview: “Hey!  Can’t wait to talk to you at 9:30 AM on Good Day!” and the celebrity tweeting back “Me either...I love the Bay Area…can’t wait to tell your viewers what I’m working on with (your client).” The reporter is then likely to post their interview online you’ve got moreshareable impressions!  Most celebrities and their publicists appreciate the benefit of good media relations. 

Get a Customized Media Day Case Study To See The Difference in Impressions

  3. Think beyond a Satellite Media Tour.

Mr. T - Media TourOur Customized Media Day (CMD) will roll several tactics (in-studio television interviews, a 3-4 hour SMT and a 2 hour junket style interview window for high level print/online publications) into one day delivering high-impact media within your allotted timeframe. 

Customized Media Days are a minimal additional investment and will likely exceed your client’s expectations and make you look like a rock star.





We came up with this tactic in an effort to maximize time and get the most for your budget. This is just one of the reasons why you should partner with us when deciding to execute a celebrity-led campaign. We encourage you to bring our expertise in during the early stages of your planning so you can deliver outstanding results to your client. 

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