Broadcast Publicity is SEO Gold

by admin | December 08, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

Broken down simply in this piece, “Why SEO firms are a dying industry and PR is the future of rank,” Google no longer looks at press releases and paid backlinks as credible attributes to determine search rank. Instead, mentions of your client’s brand on news outlets, bloggers and other credible online content providers hold greater value.

Vendor or Partner?

by KFoley | November 17, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

Having supervised accounts at two major public relations firms, I learned long ago I needed to work with vendors who understood my business and that my primary goal was to grow the accounts I managed.

7 Deadly Satellite Media Tour Sins to Bury for Good

by admin | October 30, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

Over many years of doing a satellite media tour, KEF Media has identified some mistakes to avoid. It's a scary media landscape, especially when you're in the dark. So in honor of Halloween, we give you the following sinful blunders PR pros make when coordinating a media tour. First things first, don't be scared.

Three Ways to Make Your Holiday Satellite Media Tour a Success

by admin | October 09, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

Do you automatically toss a co-op or standalone satellite media tour into your annual holiday PR plans? Have results been lacking? Before you sign another SMT agreement, check out a few key things we’ve learned over the years about successful holiday satellite media tours. Consider them an early holiday gift from us to you.

Delivering Satellite Media Tour Results in a Customizable Report

by admin | September 16, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

Our motto is to deliver media results that matter because, let's face it, it's what you expect. Producing a report detailing the reach of your media tour is the most important deliverable we can provide. At the conclusion of a media tour, our team compiles a cumulative report featuring all placements to date.

Timing: A Crucial Component of Your Satellite Media Tour

by admin | September 08, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

Different newsworthy elements play an important role in the media’s decision to cover a story. Locality, the novelties of it, proximity are just some of those general qualities editors look for in a story. Arguably the most important is timeliness.

4 Items to Weigh After a Satellite Media Tour Was Pitched and Booked

by KEF Media | August 19, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

In the prior post, we wrote about some of the takeaways from PRSA Georgia's Annual Media Day. In it, we absorbed some first-hand tips to pitch the media and develop relationships that lead to quality earned bookings. This got us thinking about what happens next.

5 Takeaways from the PRSA Georgia Annual Media Day

by KEF Media | August 17, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

In my humble opinion, August’s PRSA Georgia luncheon for their #AnnualMediaDay was a rousing success in content and attendance (I think it set a record).

Get the Most Out of Celebrity Spokespersons for a Satellite Media Tour

by admin | August 12, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

Advertising agencies often hire celebrity endorsers for their clients with the intent of featuring the star in broadcast and digital commercials.

4 Components To Study For Your Next Satellite Media Tour On Location

by admin | July 30, 2015 |

KEF Media Blog

Nothing says news like a location relevant to the story you want to tell during a satellite media tour. This is why you often see television reporters doing live “talk backs” from where the news is happening and not from some sterile, non-descript studio setting.

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