5 Spring Travel Tips For Your Next Satellite Media Tour

by Linda Buckley | April 01, 2016 |

Satellite Media Tour

Spring has sprung and travel marketers are in full swing to not only get heads in beds, but to attract those critical day trippers as well. But how do you pique attention during peak season when there is so much noise in the room?

Donald Trump May Be Costing You Live Media Tour Interviews

The ever-increasingly elusive live media tour interview; everyone wants it, not everyone gets it, with the only exception being Donald Trump.

The Elite 8: Drawing up the Satellite Media Tour Buzzer Beater

by Jeremy Juhasz | March 16, 2016 |

Satellite Media Tour

Tournament season is here and with it brings miracle shots, upsets and madness. As public relations professionals, we can surely relate to the madness part. In this industry, noted in the top-ten of most stressful professions, we find ourselves many times fighting the clock. Never mind the competition and other in-game decisions gone wrong, it’s the timing and finite window of opportunity that defines success or failure.

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