300 Million Satellite Media Tour Impressions? Really?

We lost a satellite media tour to a competitor recently because the firm told the client it could guarantee 300 million impressions. Put another way, that means the SMT and related content would be viewed by nearly every man, woman and child in America.

16 Tips For a Successful Satellite Media Tour

by KEF Media | March 02, 2016 |

Satellite Media Tours

A satellite media tour (SMT) remains an effective public relations tactic that can often generate high-quality results that matter to your clients. However, an SMT in 2016 is very different from 10 years ago, back when we all had MySpace accounts! Today, across the PR services spectrum, it’s all about the PESO – the Paid-Earned-Shared-Owned model – and the same is true for an SMT. Because things have changed so much over the last decade or so, I gathered our experienced team of television, radio, Internet and PR experts together to get their takes on what makes a mega client win…and mega migraine mistakes. Read on for their 16 tips:

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