Vetting Satellite Media Tour Talent to Maximize Media Interest

by Jeremy Juhasz | November 20, 2018

Satellite Media Tour


As an account manager, you do everything possible to make sure execution for a particular tactic is flawless. Working on a satellite media tour requires quite a bit of logistical hurdles, namely choosing a spokesperson.

We’ve seen an uptick in agencies providing A-list talent, which is normally a slam-dunk for exceptional media coverage.

However, we’ve also noticed a troublesome trend with past projects. Spokespeople were retreads from other recent promotions, and the media passed.

All of your hard work to earn strong national and local market coverage goes awry when producers say, “oh, I just had him/her on the show last week” or “I just booked him/her for a segment right after your project.” 

Talent reps are charged with getting their client the most money possible. They have little concern for you or your project. The onus falls on you to thoroughly do your research. If you have not done your research, learn about radio and satellite media tours to understand the most effective way to execute one. A big component to any tour is the talent speaking on your brand's behalf. It's a big decision and one that requires extra attention.  

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Usually a significant part of your activation budget is devoted to the spokesperson fee. So to make sure you identify the spokesperson the media WANTS, follow these tips.

1. Negotiate Meticulously & Make Sure To Address The Following Questions

  • Has celebrity been a part of any public relations campaign in the last 3 months?
  • Does celebrity have media campaigns in the works for the next 3 months?
  • Is there any potential conflict with my product and anything celebrity has promoted in the past?
  • Is celebrity doing any promotional work in the next 3 months? (TV, Movie, Music Junkets)
  • Is there anyone else pitching the celebrity for media opportunities?

2. Check With Your Media Partner

Your media booking team works with the media on a daily basis. Before signing the contract to work with a spokesperson, disclose your pick to your media partner for their sign off. We talked about this before in a recent blog, but diagnosing your potential project on the front end will avoid major headaches down the line.

3. Review Contract Thoroughly

Lastly, make sure legal or your team first has a strong understanding of the terms and conditions of the talent’s availability. And second, make sure agreed upon clauses leave you reassured the media would have an interest to host him or her.

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