Why Your Broadcast PR Stinks 2016: Internet Media Tour Edition


Some public relations professionals are fans of the Internet Media Tour (IMT). But many, many people are NOT fans of the Internet Media Tour. The 2016 KEF Media PR Tactic preview is for those in the latter group.

Your Tactic: The Internet Media Tour (IMTs)

Your Audience: Online Outlets & Their Audience

If you’re missing out promoting on the web, you’re either stuck in the past century or simply oblivious. Failure to consider public relations plugs online is, at this stage, shear ignorance. Many broadcast tactics and media tours already incorporate a web componet, but sometimes targeting online users specifically makes the most sense for your campaign. When needing to reach an online audience, the web offers a wide spectrum of options, from major news sites to niche bloggers. That’s both a positive and negative aspect of the Internet. Simultaneously, the wide array of outlets produces public relations gems and pure garbage. The trick is to decipher what’s a win and what’s not.

Your (Lack of) Confidence: Public relations professionals who lack the wherewithal to harness the Internet are often intimidated and passive. Granted, it’s easier if broadcast tactics are distributed to traditional broadcast mediums such as television and radio. That's the comfortable route. And there is nothing innately wrong if you want to find out how radio media can help you. It just fails to swing bigger or lack innovation. Your inability or resistance to adapt to digital solutions restricts success. In order to provide variety in coverage as well as have the potential to earn more impressions, more engagement, and bottom line, better ROI, it’s time to jump in headfirst rather than dip your toes.


What’s New that Stinks (Maybe): Influencers. It’s perhaps the biggest buzzword in the industry, but what tangible evidence is there to convince clients THIS is the route to take. It’s still way too early to know whether or not influencers move the needle enough. Not to mention, logistics and arrangements for each influencer is different and all deliver their own directives, making it difficult to harness and execute.

What’s Always Stunk: No matter what, the Internet harbors trash that requires filtering and results then often fall below expectations. In addition, Internet tours are so hyper focused that it’s difficult to predict the future of PR's role. Because of the high demand in unique content on the web like in traditional broadcast mediums, ordinary pitches don’t go far in the digital space. With so much variety of content on the Internet, standing out to earn publicity remains the biggest challenge.

What Might Not Stink: The easy accessibility of sharing content on the web is unmatched in any other medium. Its ability to reach many people in a short timeframe makes the Internet an enticing option to focus a campaign. The low production cost and efficiency of technology make storytelling easier to facilitate and projects theoretically streamlined and scalable.

What Else Might Not Stink: It’s not only sticking around, it’s evolving and changing due to its popularity as the premier content hub. It’s no secret the Internet is a source for people to obtain information they want. And there is plenty of it. It also serves as an additional arm for traditional outlets. So if you can’t get your story on traditional broadcast segments, there is opportunity online and sometimes that audience there is better suited for your message anyway.

*This is the final of several posts inspired by the popular 'Your Team Sucks' series from Drew Magary of Deadspin. See similar: Radio Media Tour Edition, Satellite Media Tour Edition and B-Roll Distribution Edition

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