Why Your Broadcast PR Stinks 2016: Radio Media Tour Edition

by Jeremy Juhasz | October 17, 2018

Radio Media Tours


Some public relations professionals are fans of the Radio Media Tour. But many, many people are NOT fans of the Radio Media Tour. The 2016 KEF Media PR Tactic preview is for those in the latter group.

Your Tactic: The Radio Media Tour (RMT).

Your Audience: The Frantic Commuter.

Nothing in PR can compare to blasting your message to people frustrated in bumper-to-bumper, rush-hour traffic. After all, these people need a safe diversion from texting while driving or chasing Pokémon, right?! The trick is to provide a compelling interview to distract morons from causing a 12-car pile up, ruining the day for the suburban family in a minivan that sport those annoying stick figure rear-window stickers. Please, do your best to cause less road rage. Can you manage to at least provide the driving public an informative, enlightening and engaging listening experience?


Image provided by John Greenfield

Your (Lack of) Budget: Skimping out on something bigger, huh? Cheapskate. Checking down to implement a Radio Media Tour is essentially purchasing the store brand mac and cheese. Now, trust me, I have nothing wrong with a mac and cheese. It’s delicious and, hell, put me through college. So there’s nothing wrong with choosing an RMT, if that’s all you can afford. But RMTs can also come across as the cheesiest of cheesy, packed with fake laughter between guest and host and anecdotes nobody cares about. Stay on track and don’t divert during a radio interview, or you’ll lose people, the host and wind up regretting the entire thing. Remember, you activated an RMT, not a Customized Media Day. It’s simple like boiling noodles and adding milk and a packet of ficticious cheese. Got it?

What’s New that Stinks: The STEREOtype that radio is old fashioned, a waste of time and unworthy. What’s worse than a sucky radio interview is the notion out there that radio is pointless. Shame on you if you think radio is dead.

What’s Always Stunk: Booking more than one guest. Don’t do it. The media likes one-on-one, back and forth with one guest. Don’t line up multiple people for an RMT. First, there is limited time for your interview and bouncing back and forth from one spokesperson to another is cumbersome for the host and potentially frustrating for listeners. IF you must have two spokespeople, then try to make one male and the other female so it’s easier to decipher voices.

What Might Not Stink: What you get for what you pay for. Sure, you went with a comfortable, affordable broadcast tactic that’s proven its worth for decades. So, at least you chose a reliable strategy. Certain times of the year, it’s money. If the interview was worth a damn, it’ll get posted on the station’s website via podcast and potentially lead to more of your precious impressions.

What Else Might Not Stink: You can hide your ugly spokesperson from television, which is always a plus.

Let’s Remember Some All-time Great Radio Interviews: 

*This is one of several upcoming posts inspired by the popular 'Your Team Sucks' series from Drew Magary of Deadspin. 

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